Hawaiian Black & Blue Long Sarong

Hula Beach

Sarong Sizing

How to measure your sarong size.

Sarongs are mainly worn around the hips, which is usually the widest point on your body. So the best way to measure your size, and ensure you have enough excess fabric to tie your sarong, is to take a tape measure and measure around your hips at the fullest point (around your bum) in centimetres. We recommend that you add 40-50 cm to find your minimum sarong width. The more excess width, the more versatile your sarong becomes. 

Our sarongs are displayed to show the full range of size's it will fit, for example '6 - 22' will fit all people that fall into that category. If you need any advice on which sarong will fit you best, please drop us an email and we'd be happy to advise. 

UK Size
EU Size
Suggested Minimum Sarong Width (cm)
Hip Measurement in (cm)
6 34 140 97
8 36 140 101
10 38 150 105
12 40 150 109
14 42 160 113
16 44 160 117
18 46 170 121
20 48 170 125
22 50 180 129
24 52 180 133
26 54 200 139
28 56 200 145
30 58 200 151


Sarong Styles


We stock sarongs to suit all tastes, with lengths to flatter every shape. We categorise our sarongs into 3 different lengths to make them easier to filter. We've created this handy guide to our sarong lengths, so that you can find the correct length according to your height.

Tip - As illustrated in the diagram above, a mini sarong can look short on someone that is tall, or longer on someone that is shorter. To measure your perfect length, use a tape measure to measure the distance between your belly button and where you'd like the hem of the sarong to fall to. 

Length (cm)
Mini  45-60
Midi  60-85
Long  85-100


Beachwear Sizing 

Pia Rossini

UK Size
Small 8/10
Medium 10/12
Large 14/16
One Size 8 to 16


South Beach

UK Size
X Small 8
Small 10
Medium 12
Large 14
Small - Medium 6 to 10
Medium - Large 12 to 16


Hula Beach

UK Size
Small 8/10
Medium 12
Large 14/16
One Size 8 to 16
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This gorgeous blue, black and green Hawaiian print long sarong has all the tropical vibes you'll need on your next holiday. The pattern consists of large shaded blue hibiscus and bold green palm fronds. Handmade in Bali using batik wax techniques, it's made from rayon fabric and features a tassel trim edge. It will give you full coverage, so it isn't see-through, making it perfect to be worn as a dress or beach wrap. 
  • Approximately 180cm x 110cm
  • Will fit UK size 6 - 26 hip
  • Full length long sarong
  • Quick drying fabric
  • Wash on cool, air dry only
  • Due to the handmade nature of this sarong, each sarong is unique and colours and patterns may vary slightly.