Hula Beach Sustainability Page

It's no secret, the fashion industry can do better when it comes to sustainability. From factory through to consumer, we all have a part to play in order to make a real change to the impact we're having on our natural environment. We recognise the issues that face our industry and our planet, that's why we have made the following small but permanent improvements to the way we operate. 


One Tree For Every Order

We have partnered up with the environmental organisation Ecologi to help take steps to becoming a climate positive business. Not only have we pledged to offset our business carbon emissions through Ecologi, but for every order you place, we pay for a tree to be planted at one of their many reforestation sites across the world. To find our more about the incredible work Ecologi do and see how many we've planted so far, click here.



There is no perfect eco friendly carbon neutral fabric available on the market. There are however some fabrics that are better than others. Where possible, we try to use rayon, bamboo, silk, cotton and linen fabrics because of their natural origins and fibre content. 

Another option we are looking into is Econyl, a synthetic fabric made from recycled plastic, such as discarded fishing nets or water bottles.

We have recently started selling our first range of sarongs made in Wales. Our in-house seamstress has taken her years of knowledge of fabrics, to help create beautiful sarongs and beach wraps made from various types of 'deadstock'. Deadstock is the term used by the fashion industry for rolls of fabric that they didn't finish using in the manufacturing process, or worse, just changed their mind about using. Most of the time this fabric sadly ends up in landfill, which is such a depressing practice. We have given this perfectly lovely, high quality designer fabric a new lease of life in the form of our sarongs.



All of our sarongs are sent in beautiful recycled paper mailers, created by FSC™ certified Lil Packaging. These bags will biodegrade in as little as 3 months and have an inbuilt seal so you can return your order to us without the need to add nasty tape. 

We use our local Post Office to send your orders, and most of the time (Welsh weather depending) we will walk there which minimises the use of vehicles.


Wear. Re-wear. Repeat. 

By their very nature, sarongs are the most versatile piece of clothing you will ever own. When Hula founder, Kylie, purchased her first sarong during a trip to the Maldives, she had no idea how useful it would be. Now it's 18 years old, has been to 10 different countries, and has been worn hundreds of times in dozens of styles. Please don't ditch your sarong after one Instagram holiday shoot - wear, re-wear, and repeat for years to come.  


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi